Tax Preparation Services

tax-preparation-servicesHelping individuals and businesses manage their money is what we live for — and that includes assisting with tax preparation.

Whatever your tax situation, chances are RGV Accountant can help! Our professional team of tax preparation professionals is here to help you with all your questions and concerns, no matter what the season.

So why choose to hire our Your City preparation service for all your tax needs? Here are a few reasons:

We Stay on Top of Changing Rules

Local and national tax rules are changing all the time, and it’s a challenge for even the most seasoned professional to keep track of the changes! Fortunately for you though, we DO take the time to understand any new rules that come out, and to help our clients interpret them correctly. Because we work in accounting and tax prep year-round, we have the resources and the background to help us understand and implement the new rules into how we manage your tax preparation.

Getting You Deductions the Internet Misses

We know a lot of people — especially individuals — choose to use Internet-based tax preparation software these days. That works well for people who have very simple tax situations, but for those who are married, own a business, own a home, have children or who have more than one job, that web-based software may be selling you short. On the other hand, we’ll take the time to fully understand your tax situation — and we’ll ask the right questions to help root out tax deductions that could save you money on your personal and business taxes.

A Year-Round Tax Team on Your Side

Here’s another reason to work with us: We’ll be here for you year-round, for all your tax concerns. As a homeowner, you may have questions about whether a certain improvement will qualify you for a tax credit. As a business owner, you may wonder whether it’s an ideal time to invest in a certain piece of equipment — and whether you’ll be able to deduct any of the expenses. That’s where having a trusted tax team can really come in handy. We’ll be here to guide you and provide the best advice possible, based on the current rules and regulations.

Getting You the Most for your Money

When it comes down to it, the biggest reason to hire a professional tax team is that we’ll get you the most value for your money and level of income. Whether it’s through maximizing your deductions, or simply being a listening ear when you have tax questions, we take pride in getting you all the money that might be coming to you from tax refunds — or minimizing the amount of tax you have to pay.

And one more thing: We offer competitive rates on all our tax preparation services!

If you’ve been going it alone in the tax department, or you’re ready to find out whether there are more ways to save than your current tax preparer is offering, isn’t it time to give your Your City tax preparation service a call?